WTC Offices (12 floors)- Borouge, Al Dhafra, AL Yasat

Year:                 2016
Location:   Abu Dhabi, UAE
Category:  Demountable Partitions – Glass & Metal
Consultant: Tawazen Interior Design
Contractor: Tawazen Interiors LLC
Size: 2600 sqm of double glass partitions; 2000 sqm of metal partitions; 250 doors
End-User: Borouge, Al Dhafra, Al Yasat
Specifications: Installation of Demountable Partitions (Glass & Metal)

Our Solution

As per the end-user requirement, the consultant specification, design and the whole office spaces for the project was fitted out with high acoustic insulation partitions for meeting rooms and double glass partitions of 42 decibels for the remaining areas. As for the walls between the offices Smart Dimensions has installed metal and horizontal panels. The 60 floor office towers called Trust Tower was designed by Fosters + Partners. Double glass partitions has been installed in a faceted round shape structure.