ENEC Auditorium

Year:                  2016
Location:   Abu Dhabi, UAE
Category:   Acoustic Solutions – Ceiling & Walls
Consultant: Tangram
Contractor: Dhabi Contractor 
Size: 500 sqm of acoustic wooden wall; 200 sqm of acoustic wooden ceiling
End-User: ENEC
Specifications: Installation of Acoustic Solutions (Ceilings & Walls)

Our Solution

This venture incorporated the supply and installation of four acoustic FANTONI walls shipped exclusively from Italy. The walls were MDF slat with 4-star formaldehyde classification. The project was completed by adding an acoustic ceiling which was composed of 30 screens from the original design Smart Dimensions and our engineers have detected some conflict in the acoustic material required by the contractor. As a matter of fact in this project it was designed acoustic for perforated panels in the 4 walls of the auditorium plus the ceiling in addition to that the carpet floors & seats, which is leading to acoustically extremely quiet room as all the materials are absorbent and very few surfaces are reflective and the speaker voice will travel barely to the rear rows of the auditoriums as it will disappear due to the excess of absorbent surfaces. Smart Dimensions had proposed to reduce that surfaces by replacing the stage walls to 1.1 height keeping the original wall of the auditorium visible to reflect the speaker voice and reach the audience.