Abu Dhabi Housing Authority

Year:                  2014
Location:   Abu Dhabi, UAE
Category:   Demountable Partitions
Consultant: Tawazen Interior Design
Contractor: Arco Interiors
Size: 425 sqm of single glass partitions; 150 sqm of double glass partitions
End User: Abu Dhabi Housing Authority
Specifications: Installation of double glass & single glass Demountable Partitions

Our Solution

Since the project is combining of double and single glass partitions, Smart Dimensions was selected for this work. The plein air system from CLESTRA, offering 3 different configurations for the glaze partitions- SINGLE GLASS CENTER, SINGLE GLASS OFFSET & DOUBLE GLASS; with its T-shape bottom and top runners the plein air system, recessed gap between the walls/ceilings/floors and the profile.