ADCO Shining Tower

Year:                  2016
Location:   Abu Dhabi, UAE
Category:   Demountable Partitions
Consultant: GCG Interiors
Size: 1500 sqm of metal partition; 1200 sqm of double glass partition
End-User: ADCO
Specifications: Installation of Demountable Partitions

Our Solution

After two successful projects at ADCO, Smart Dimension was fortunate to work on the third project with ADCO which was on a larger scale than before. The project solution was for the supply and installation of demountable partition and acoustic wall panels for its office at Shining Tower. Our premier partner for demountable partition CLESTRA from France and FANTONI from Italy for acoustic wall panels teamed up to provide the solution to the client. The M1 system from CLESTRA was selected by our engineers as it was offering the smallest bottom truck available in the demountable partitions industry with its 18 mm height and being installed directly on the concrete with a carpet thickness, covering almost the whole aluminum profile bottom truck. We reached the result of getting almost a seamless glazed partitions the technical panels had offered to the MVP team the possibility to install all their switcher, AC controller beside of each office wooden door. Also with regard to the acoustic solution Smart Dimensions had proposed its patt acoustic panels for the whole areas of the building corridors.